fredag 11 december 2009

Peugeot 206 DONE!

I'm finaly done with my Peugeot 206! :D And another picture im really proud of! Thanks again to Indy for tips and ideas :)

Click on the picture to get a MUCH better view ;)

lördag 21 november 2009

My first REAL photoshop picture!

Hey there people! Just wanted to update my little blog here, just made a nice picture of a sword :P And to say... I'm proud! :D for the first time!

onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Linkin Kara - Minutes to review

Just made a quick "parody" pic to Linkara ^^.

I just had to post it.

Remember, I only re-designed these pictures! Search for Linkin Park on Google to find the real picture, same goes for the Rollo T's one, search for Lost Prophets!

This is for Rollo T in Transmission Awesome. There will be more regarding almost everyone on the TGWTG homepage!

EDIT: I just made a fast one just for fun. Just for you Sean! Have fun TA!

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

Leinkawrah - Because poor literacy is KEWL!

I made some quick pictures of Linkara. Take these as Before - After pictures :P

Number-oh One!Meh... I just want something to post on the blog... sort of

tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Some minor... fillings

Did get some time over today to continue with the Angry Joe part of the picture. Not really finished yet, alot of small stuffs to do!

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

söndag 11 oktober 2009

Transmission Awesome

I just had to post my picture in my blog..! After all, I can do whatever I want here! MoahahaUpdate: Made some more shizzle to it.

Bad picture... but what the hell!

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

Operation... TGWTG characters?

Hi there folks..! Sittin' here in the darkness.. alone in the dark? Nah... Drawing some quick stuffs in Adobe Photoshop, Was thinking of making a cewl TGWTG picture, So far I've done a fast drawing of Angry Joe... Yea that's suppose to be Joe. I'm really not good at drawing real stuffs, so if anyone got any suggestions or tips about Photoshop, please comment or whatever..!

Maybe I'll post something in the future about games, but for now, I'm going to continue with this picture hehe.

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

tisdag 25 augusti 2009

Uwe Boll making a GOOD MOVIE?!?

I was just sittin' infront of my computer... when i thought "Hey, I need to check out some nice posts about Uwe Boll. So I can laugh so hard that I'll start crying." So i went to Google ( woot ), searched for some fun facts about him. Here is a fun Quote from him! :

"Maybe you know it but it's not so easy to finance movies in total. And the reason I am able to do these kind of movies is I have a tax shelter fund in Germany, and if you invest in a movie in Germany you get basically fifty percent back from the Government."

Basicly Uwe Boll gets 50% back from the German Government when complete makinga movie..! Fun facts indeed. And I kept going around different webpages looking at some of his crappy videos, when I fumble across a movietrailer. The movie is called Rampage, and will be released in 2009, and I must say, after watching the trailer, I was pritty damn excited! This might be the first GOOD movie he ever will produce.

Check out the Trailer here:

I thought the trailer looked SWEET, and I love the idea. It sort of reminds me of back in the days, when you played GTA2 and just checked how long you would survive without any cheat codes, just killing people and police! Tho I was'nt really any good. Lets just hope the basterd in the movie makes it, and makes it gooooooood..!

Well thats about it. I dont have any games to talk about today or any ideas of my own to share. Other than that, I wish to say "I'm sorry about your cat Indy, R.I.P Simba, you lived a long happy life!"

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

fredag 26 juni 2009

It's been a while...

Hey there, It has been a while ( as usual ) sence the last time i wrote here. So... what to do, what to write... Well atm i dont really know what I'm going to write about. But in the future, the topic will be probably about Game Design and my personal thoughts about games. Yea, thats about it. I'll get back here someday, I guess..! Cya peeps!

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

söndag 7 juni 2009


Hi there peeps, lundeh boii is back, sort of!

It's been a while sence the last time I wrote something here on my blogg... due to the facts that I havnt done anything interesting or anything to even write about :P At the moment I'm sick as a dog... Been having this stupid cold for a week now, and it wont stop..! Grr! Drives me crazy! been trying to look for some jobs etc on the computer.. but I dont have the "power" to do it. Let's just put our hand together and pray that I'll get the job at Releasy!

So.. instead of writing about what I've DONE, I'm gonna write a little about what I'm planning to do in teh uber future... sort of! Well im gonna play some Dota ( sittin' on vent with Dejv, Tård, Djimmy boii and Kidanovic ) so that's going to be fun. But I allso thought about start doing the part 3 of my Horror game "reviews" :P It's just lying there in my mind, collecting dust! But the thing is, i need a new horror survival game to review, plus Vegas to MAKE the video properly... so much pain in the ass -.- I should just defrag my computer and start all over.

Oh god, this is gonna be a long post O.o

Well if you got any ideas of what i should review, give me a hint or whatever :P

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Hmm....................... dot dot dot? questionmark1one!!eleven!!?dot. Ah just fuck it! I dont know what to write! have a great day! :P

tisdag 26 maj 2009

Working nine to five.. or not!

Hi there people! Its Lundeh boy here!

Today have been a great day, got alot of things done and at the same time, nothing done :P So, I woke up and took my bike to Wooden Joe ( Trä-Johan ) to work 8:00 - 12:00. Not a whole day, cuz' I needed to get some paper-work done for the AF. So me, "dJimmy Boii" and "The Guy Who Hates Wow" went there around 13:00 and we got home around 15:00 - 16:00. Man that was really booring to be really honest!

So now I'm sittin' here, drinking some Cola and chillin' with some Chuck! I'll be in my bed early today cuz' i need to get up early tomorrow aswell! Gonna work 08:00 - 17:00..! A little bit tireing, due to the fact that I have NO INTEREST in the carpenter-work. I want to try something new... gief job at SEEYOU AB! :D It looks like a good job to have this summer while im building the fence around the house xD

Well... now I'm going to continue watch some Chuck episodes, have a great day everybody!

I'm that swedish legend... sort of!

PS: God.. theese PS's are quite hard to do, so much.. so little time! Ok I got shit-load of time but its just that I dont know what to write lol! Have a good day :P

lördag 23 maj 2009

Fuck this shit.

Hi there peeps, been a while sence the last.. ehm, note? It's starting to be a pattern...

Today have been the most SUCKY day ever..! But I'll give you the details later on.
Well, this week I've been working and being on a LAN from thursday to... today! Must say it was really fun on the LAN. Bane + Omni ftw! We all played some CS ( well not me to be really honest ) and some Dota! Reaaaaaally fun games sometimes. I sat pritty darn well, but my ass hurted like HELL after theese days... stupid chairs! But hey... party tonight! or that what i thought...

So today I woke up pritty early ( for beeing a LAN ) at around 11:00-ish and packed my computer. Got home, and I got nothing than nudles to eat... yummie! So with nudles in my stomach I jumped into the shower. Sweet sweet shower after 2 days of constant gaming! But this is when everything is starting to get bad... In a rush i put my pants on... not realizing that two of the buttons are closed, SCRAAAATCH! My only jeans I can wear is now broken... so EXTREMLY neggative i went to the party thinking : "I'm gonna use all of my booze to forget about all this crap today and be happy for the night! WOOT PARTY!"

But boy i was wrong... just after 4 drinks people starting to talk about going out to Pubs, and I got no money so i couldnt join em. but hey, 4 people said almost the same as I did. But 30 mins later they allso had their minds of going away. So fuck it i thought and went home.

I dont have any money to throw away all my alcohol! Man all I wanted was a nice party at my sisters apartment. But no, everyone was planning on leaving as usual. Fawk theez Shiet!

I am the swedish legend... sort of!

: I'm not going to party for a while now i think... atleast not if people is going to the pubs again. Feel free to do whatever you want, but I'm not joining in my economic situation. Have a great evening -.-

söndag 17 maj 2009

Can someone give me a job...?

Hi there people! Joakim Lundehboii is back with... almost nothing!

Sittin' here in my room, waiting for my 2 buddies Amadeus and Tård so we can... do something lol! Yarr... So atm I just posted my Blogg as a "experience" in my CV, so if you are one of those who are interested in me... well, welcome! this is as good as it gets :P

Now Amadeus and Tård just arrived. Lets get bissy!!! :D:D

torsdag 14 maj 2009

Extreme Garage Makeover!!!

Wazzap dawgs and.... dawgs?

Just woke up, tired as hell. So basicly, i dont know what to say lol! I am in a great need of a coke... god damn. Yesterday i worked at Trä-Johan and it went really well! He is building a garage, or really giving the old garage a face-lift :P ( EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER! ^^ ) MOVE THAT BU... ok I'll stop now...

Had a great day yesterday, the time just flew by. Today I hope I'll do something fun with my m8s, and then later on tonight I'm going to raid, and to be really honest... I dont feel like raiding ( sorry windy ). But hey, I'm doing it anyways :) Maybe i should clean my room..? It looks like a exploded shithouse!

I'm that swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Hehe I just found a picture that I made for my RPG game ^^ It's so old school :D maybe I should fix it tbh... Anyways, here is the MAP i made in MS paint xD

onsdag 13 maj 2009

Work work!

Hi there peeps.

I can finaly work at Trä-Johan. Stupid AF have been in the way. But this week is only going to be today, wich is okay for me. Dont get much cash tho... Well anyways, he will call me any second now. So today, after work, It's raid time baby! WOO! Time to raid some ulduar!

Well thats basicly it... Might update later on, i dont know..!

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: I've heared that they will start a PVP-server for runescape... Maybe it is worth a shoot? :D Old school PVP but throughout the whole world xD

måndag 11 maj 2009

Headache >.<

Hi there nablets and nooblets... or whatever O.o

It's been a while sence the last time I wrote here on my blogg. But I'm back again! So what have I been up to? Not much to be honest. Yesterday I had a minor Migrain so i werent avible to walk outside... so i went to bed early ( or really it was the sofa, and i watched some Ghost Hunters ^^ ). But the day before that... Hmm now I need to think what the heck we did... Oh yea!

Me, Dejv, Kidde and "The Guy Who Hates Wow" where going old school style! And i really mean Old. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the grass was as green as it could be, when Dejv came up with the idea that we should all go Old-afternoon-snack-time! ( We did plan on playing some basket but the wind fucked our dreams in the ear :P ) So we went to the store and everyone bought some kind of snack like Fingers, biscuits, cookies etc etc ( Fingers are chocolate covered... small-long crackers O.o ). And to top all that off, we made some coffie. But I didnt drink any ^^. So there we sat on Dejvs balcony like 4 old people eating some afternoon snacks! But the best part was to go back to the Playstation 3 and play some Burnout Paradise xD

Well... It's a new morning now and I still got the biggest headache ever... I've taken a pill so i hope I'll get better soonish. And yea, I hope the basterds on AF will contact me soon about that group I never accepted to join -.-

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Hmm... i dont know what to write here for today, but IM GOING TO PLAY SOME DOTA NOW! Ouch, my head hurts >.<... yea, that sounds better.

torsdag 7 maj 2009

Virus Alert!

Hi there peeps! Lundeh boii is back.

Today when I woke up, I saw something scary... I've got the Privacy Center-Virus! *Dun dun duun*. So after some headscratching I was avible to start Windows normaly again :) Cuz' you know, It's not that hard getting rid of it! So all you need to do ( all of you who suck ^^ ) is start your computer in SAFE MODE, then go to the Control panel > Add or Remove Programs, then you get a big list of programs that you got. Look for Privacy Center and REMOVE that fucker!!! Restart your computer to your normal mode and you can now play uber haxx games again! Not so hard ey?

So... What teh fawk will happen today? I dont know to be honest. But It's raid tonight, if nothing else happens! God if people could comment on my blog, that would be sweeeeeeeeet ^^

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Ice cold coke is the shit... om nom nom!

söndag 3 maj 2009

Hard work work..!

Wazzap homies?

Today have been a quite nice day to be really honest. Started out to wake up at 07:30... Made some dailys in WoW, wich i hav'nt done in a month... And it reminded me how god damn awful it is :P When i was done with that shit, I started to play some dota. Later on "The Guy Who Hates WoW" asked me if I wanted to join him for a run around the river ( It's a 3 - 4 km run ). And as I didnt have anything better to do... I joined :) So... As i was running a god damn bumblebee started to chase me!!! And as it chased me I started to Stress-run and *SNAP* both legs went numb... :P Gawd damnit!

So now I'm sittin' here with both my legs in pain... meh. Careface! I got back home *barely* and I did what I do best... Sat infront of the computer. And for today, I raided Ulduar! And oh man was it awsome?! Cool surroundings, awsome bosses and the best part... beeing back in the guild! We are a great guild arnt we? ;) Downed a bitch today... wich made it the 7th boss down in 25-man Ulduar!!!

Great day with some cewl happenings, not sure if tomorrow will be the same... *sigh*

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: I looted my first epic neck today! But I'm not sure if i rly wanted it... meh! Got 2% more crit ^^ TIME TO SPEC FIRE!

lördag 2 maj 2009


Hey there folks! It's been a while sence the last time i wrote here on my blogg... Feels wierd lol. Yesterday we drank a little, got a little drunk and basicly put everything i saw, on my head ^^ Everything from Hats to a peace of Fake-Grass-Carpet. Awsome tho :P I had a blast. So i woke up this morning, and noooo hangover SWEET! Sat infront of the computer... watched some naruto ( Yea i know, but its a good show tbh ), then after some minutes my m8s showed up. We went to the ICA and bought us some Coke *Not cocaine* and later on we played some ball.

Later on that evening we went to see the new movie Wolverine. And oh my god was it good?!? Hell yea. I really recomend people to watch it, esp if you are a X-men fan. Nice story, awsome special effects and ofc good acting throughout the whole movie :)
( *SPOILER* Even tho i though that screaming over his dead girlfriend with and "air-view" zooming backwords was really lame. "Oh snap my GF just died! What should i do? I know... SCREEEEAAAAAAAAM!!!! Ah, i feel better already! *SPOILER* )
So go see the movie, It's a good one. Even my sister thought it was good, and she havnt seen the X-men once.

Oh yea forgot to mention that I've start playing Wow again :) Feels awsome to be back online with Crimson Bloodline again. Even tho I've slacked a little bit o.O *sorry windy* But I'll be back for sundays raid! Cant wait for Ulduar ^^

Well that is basicly it... Got nothing else to say for today... :P Have a great evening or morning or whatevaaaah!

I'm that swedish legend... sort of!

PS: *scratching my head* Hmm... When you cut through a Ironwall with 3x-Claws on each of your hands in a shape of a X... In the middle, the god damn squares should atleast move or fall down! But not in the movie tho... they are in the same possition for a good time :P And i dont think his claws are 0.01mm thick :P Huge mistake in physics ^^ HUGE MISTAKE!!!

This is how it SHOULD be!

måndag 20 april 2009

Old School Music!

Well hello there! Snougi is back with some uber cewl info and... other stuffs!
Today I've been to AF, checking out some Vuxen-utbildning ( I cant be arsed to get the names in English sorry ). So It's most likely that I'll start school this fall again :> So i can get my grades up a bit, math B - C that is. So i can finaly go IT O.o

Anyways, now I'm sittin' in my extremly used chair ( wich my m8 really pointed out yesterday lol ) needless to say, the chair "pillow" or whatever started out as like... 5 - 7 cm thick when i got it. And now... it more like 2 - 3 cm :P Talk about having a fat ass xD. And while im sittin' here on my lovely chair, I'm listening to old school music! For example:
Sum 41
Backyard Babies
Alice in Videoland
Dr. Bombay ( yea i know... :P )
The All-American Rejects
Jimmy Eat World

Well the list goes on and on, and I love it ^^ Gosh... a long message today :> Maybe i should write more about what i think about stuff... then It'll continue like this :D

Yea... lets do that! ( next time)

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Diamonds made me heartbroken always leave when clubs open. Someone's got a hold all the spades! And diamonds are forever meet and get together. Someone's got a hold all the spades - Backyard Babies - Spades
Go listen to it! Pokerfans O.o

No Title

No title huh!? lies! No title is a title O.o
Gosh... today im going to the AF to talk about cash-stuffs-thingys. Hope i dont need to be there to long, hate those meetings :P

*Yawn* I'm tired -.- dont want to go! I want to sleep lol!
Nah now im gonna cheer up with some Ghost Hunters and then its off to AF.

I'm the swedish legend... sort of.


söndag 19 april 2009

It's ALIVE!!!

Ah! Herrow peoprwel!
Thanks to a nice friend of mine, We've fixed the computer! Whoho! Stupid BIOS....

So now im back on the computer... doing nothing... and i love it :P
Nah but its so much easier to search for jobs etc on my own computer. And another good thing is that i got all my Music / Videos / Importaint stuffs :>

So... Now I'm sittin' here thinking about playing some Dota... Been 2 days without it!! *AARGH!*
11 days to World of Warcraft O.o

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Search for BeenerKeeKee1995 on Youtube, Omg he roxx so hard. A cute little retard... :P <3

lördag 18 april 2009

The new morning

Yea i know the Title is a little bit lame... but I'm tired ok? :P

Anyways, Today I dont know a shit what I will do, and as you all know that my computer has totaly crashed, I cant play any games or something like that to keep me inside. So today, I think im going to ask my m8 if we shall go fishing! Hell ye, fishing.

And after or before that... We'll check out my comp to see wtf the problem is. Please, please gief my computer back to life >.<

I think that is it for this morning and I'll write again later on.

I am the swedish legend... sort of.

PS: This laptop isnt so bad tbh... ok it totaly suck.

fredag 17 april 2009

The new beginning

Hi there all peeps. Today... is a tragic day. I, Joakim Lundstrom, have now lost his computer to mr.death...

Yepp that's right! My computer is no more... Gash I'm so pissed -.- The shit started out this morning, when the basterd didnt want to start Windows at all, it froze at the loadingscreen. Then after some restarts... it wouldnt want to start at all... So now I'm sittin' here infront of this little peace of shit ( sort of... ) And i can barly even play any Flash games on this laptop...

I dont know what the problem is with my computer, but whatever it is... I will have to buy a new one. I cant be arsed to buy new parts to keep the old basterd up.

Anyways, now I'm eating icecream to forget about my computer... ( ok tbh I'm fine with it :P ) Sounds a little to much like girls and their boyfriends.. O.o

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of.

PS: I'm going to cry myself to sleep xD

söndag 12 april 2009

Local Area Network

Herrow peeps! wazzap?

I'm sitting here at my computer in my friends home! Playing some Dota, and gaining another dubble-chin. WOOT! This is the best LAN position I've ever had, even tho my back hurts :P

Hmm... I dont have anything to say atm other than that, so Bai bai peeps!

I am the Swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Gief techies... o.o

Sigh... -.-

I'm just so fucking pumped up by random shit.

God, this blog was a good idea after all! I can use it to WRITE down my anger to people... and if you're lucky, maybe even games ;) hehe TBH, i might do a review someday!

Aaaaanyways, now that I've got that out of my way, I'll play a game of Dota and then I'll dream about Ulduar...

Great evening everybody!
I'm Legenden Snoug, the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: I'm 90% sure I'll make a new Penumbra review... my review on youtube was an act of the devil! It fucking sucks xD A game like Penumbra should have a GOOD review! ^^

lördag 11 april 2009

Drunk like a roadkill

Hi there people! I just got to say... Happy birthday tård-tårdensson! have a great 20th birthday and a good life lol! :D

So wazzap people? I'm sittin' here in a loud-pumpin' apartment with my friends! Drinking some awsome beer and maybe some booze O.o So yea, I'm havin' a great time!
Getting kinda tired in my arms by just writing all theese words lol! So i hope while you read this, you'll be laughing at my loss ^^

Nah, right now im the "DJ" at the party, and i must say... I fucking rock! xD
Anyways... now im going back to be the "DJ". GLHF guys! and have a great evening.
I'm that guy with the dubble-chin... to much Nostalgia Critic.

I'm the swedish legend snoug!

PS: My sisters boyfriend is a fucking drunkie!

torsdag 9 april 2009

Back on tze track!

Wazzap dawg! It is naw official. I'm going to buy some Play-time for World Of Warcraft the 30th of April. It's time to pwn some Ulduar's ass.

Hi there, didn't see you come in O.o
I'm basicly just chillin' and killin' as usual. And now I'm on my way to meet my friends... at my friends house. To clean his basement... yea!
Mission: Clean Basement
Hell yea! He's parents are going away for a weeks vecation! ^^

Anyways, i might give you guys more info about this later on. I'm in a hurry!
I'm that guy with the dubble-chin... Nah to much Nostalgia Critic...
I'm Legenden Snoug, the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Easter-coke is wierd...

onsdag 8 april 2009

First Title... Wow!

What is up! I'm sittin', chillin' and killin' as I've just finnished off watching some AWSOME Game/movie/cartoon reviews, made by the best of the best:
Angry Video Game Nerd
Nostalgia Critic
and ofc Linkara!

Linkara is a new review "specialist" ( as I like to call em' ) that I've started to pay alot of attention to. Great reviews!

Well basicly, i was just going to say Hi to all of you nerds out there, and maybe to a friend of mine ( if they ever will find me, curses ). This is my first Message from my blog, and i hope you will continue whatch this site :> gonna post my Youtube videos here soon. And i hope I will be done with my latest... movie soonish!

I'm that guy with the dubble-chin... Nah to much Nostalgia Critic...
I'm Legenden Snoug, the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: You should really go watch AVGN, NC, Linkara. they fucking rule!