söndag 19 april 2009

It's ALIVE!!!

Ah! Herrow peoprwel!
Thanks to a nice friend of mine, We've fixed the computer! Whoho! Stupid BIOS....

So now im back on the computer... doing nothing... and i love it :P
Nah but its so much easier to search for jobs etc on my own computer. And another good thing is that i got all my Music / Videos / Importaint stuffs :>

So... Now I'm sittin' here thinking about playing some Dota... Been 2 days without it!! *AARGH!*
11 days to World of Warcraft O.o

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Search for BeenerKeeKee1995 on Youtube, Omg he roxx so hard. A cute little retard... :P <3

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