onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Linkin Kara - Minutes to review

Just made a quick "parody" pic to Linkara ^^.

I just had to post it.

Remember, I only re-designed these pictures! Search for Linkin Park on Google to find the real picture, same goes for the Rollo T's one, search for Lost Prophets!

This is for Rollo T in Transmission Awesome. There will be more regarding almost everyone on the TGWTG homepage!

EDIT: I just made a fast one just for fun. Just for you Sean! Have fun TA!

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

Leinkawrah - Because poor literacy is KEWL!

I made some quick pictures of Linkara. Take these as Before - After pictures :P

Number-oh One!Meh... I just want something to post on the blog... sort of

tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Some minor... fillings

Did get some time over today to continue with the Angry Joe part of the picture. Not really finished yet, alot of small stuffs to do!

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

söndag 11 oktober 2009

Transmission Awesome

I just had to post my picture in my blog..! After all, I can do whatever I want here! MoahahaUpdate: Made some more shizzle to it.

Bad picture... but what the hell!

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of!

Operation... TGWTG characters?

Hi there folks..! Sittin' here in the darkness.. alone in the dark? Nah... Drawing some quick stuffs in Adobe Photoshop, Was thinking of making a cewl TGWTG picture, So far I've done a fast drawing of Angry Joe... Yea that's suppose to be Joe. I'm really not good at drawing real stuffs, so if anyone got any suggestions or tips about Photoshop, please comment or whatever..!

Maybe I'll post something in the future about games, but for now, I'm going to continue with this picture hehe.

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!