lördag 2 maj 2009


Hey there folks! It's been a while sence the last time i wrote here on my blogg... Feels wierd lol. Yesterday we drank a little, got a little drunk and basicly put everything i saw, on my head ^^ Everything from Hats to a peace of Fake-Grass-Carpet. Awsome tho :P I had a blast. So i woke up this morning, and noooo hangover SWEET! Sat infront of the computer... watched some naruto ( Yea i know, but its a good show tbh ), then after some minutes my m8s showed up. We went to the ICA and bought us some Coke *Not cocaine* and later on we played some ball.

Later on that evening we went to see the new movie Wolverine. And oh my god was it good?!? Hell yea. I really recomend people to watch it, esp if you are a X-men fan. Nice story, awsome special effects and ofc good acting throughout the whole movie :)
( *SPOILER* Even tho i though that screaming over his dead girlfriend with and "air-view" zooming backwords was really lame. "Oh snap my GF just died! What should i do? I know... SCREEEEAAAAAAAAM!!!! Ah, i feel better already! *SPOILER* )
So go see the movie, It's a good one. Even my sister thought it was good, and she havnt seen the X-men once.

Oh yea forgot to mention that I've start playing Wow again :) Feels awsome to be back online with Crimson Bloodline again. Even tho I've slacked a little bit o.O *sorry windy* But I'll be back for sundays raid! Cant wait for Ulduar ^^

Well that is basicly it... Got nothing else to say for today... :P Have a great evening or morning or whatevaaaah!

I'm that swedish legend... sort of!

PS: *scratching my head* Hmm... When you cut through a Ironwall with 3x-Claws on each of your hands in a shape of a X... In the middle, the god damn squares should atleast move or fall down! But not in the movie tho... they are in the same possition for a good time :P And i dont think his claws are 0.01mm thick :P Huge mistake in physics ^^ HUGE MISTAKE!!!

This is how it SHOULD be!

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