måndag 20 april 2009

Old School Music!

Well hello there! Snougi is back with some uber cewl info and... other stuffs!
Today I've been to AF, checking out some Vuxen-utbildning ( I cant be arsed to get the names in English sorry ). So It's most likely that I'll start school this fall again :> So i can get my grades up a bit, math B - C that is. So i can finaly go IT O.o

Anyways, now I'm sittin' in my extremly used chair ( wich my m8 really pointed out yesterday lol ) needless to say, the chair "pillow" or whatever started out as like... 5 - 7 cm thick when i got it. And now... it more like 2 - 3 cm :P Talk about having a fat ass xD. And while im sittin' here on my lovely chair, I'm listening to old school music! For example:
Sum 41
Backyard Babies
Alice in Videoland
Dr. Bombay ( yea i know... :P )
The All-American Rejects
Jimmy Eat World

Well the list goes on and on, and I love it ^^ Gosh... a long message today :> Maybe i should write more about what i think about stuff... then It'll continue like this :D

Yea... lets do that! ( next time)

I'm the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Diamonds made me heartbroken always leave when clubs open. Someone's got a hold all the spades! And diamonds are forever meet and get together. Someone's got a hold all the spades - Backyard Babies - Spades
Go listen to it! Pokerfans O.o

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