fredag 17 april 2009

The new beginning

Hi there all peeps. Today... is a tragic day. I, Joakim Lundstrom, have now lost his computer to mr.death...

Yepp that's right! My computer is no more... Gash I'm so pissed -.- The shit started out this morning, when the basterd didnt want to start Windows at all, it froze at the loadingscreen. Then after some restarts... it wouldnt want to start at all... So now I'm sittin' here infront of this little peace of shit ( sort of... ) And i can barly even play any Flash games on this laptop...

I dont know what the problem is with my computer, but whatever it is... I will have to buy a new one. I cant be arsed to buy new parts to keep the old basterd up.

Anyways, now I'm eating icecream to forget about my computer... ( ok tbh I'm fine with it :P ) Sounds a little to much like girls and their boyfriends.. O.o

I'm the Swedish legend... sort of.

PS: I'm going to cry myself to sleep xD

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