lördag 11 april 2009

Drunk like a roadkill

Hi there people! I just got to say... Happy birthday tård-tårdensson! have a great 20th birthday and a good life lol! :D

So wazzap people? I'm sittin' here in a loud-pumpin' apartment with my friends! Drinking some awsome beer and maybe some booze O.o So yea, I'm havin' a great time!
Getting kinda tired in my arms by just writing all theese words lol! So i hope while you read this, you'll be laughing at my loss ^^

Nah, right now im the "DJ" at the party, and i must say... I fucking rock! xD
Anyways... now im going back to be the "DJ". GLHF guys! and have a great evening.
I'm that guy with the dubble-chin... to much Nostalgia Critic.

I'm the swedish legend snoug!

PS: My sisters boyfriend is a fucking drunkie!

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