onsdag 8 april 2009

First Title... Wow!

What is up! I'm sittin', chillin' and killin' as I've just finnished off watching some AWSOME Game/movie/cartoon reviews, made by the best of the best:
Angry Video Game Nerd
Nostalgia Critic
and ofc Linkara!

Linkara is a new review "specialist" ( as I like to call em' ) that I've started to pay alot of attention to. Great reviews!

Well basicly, i was just going to say Hi to all of you nerds out there, and maybe to a friend of mine ( if they ever will find me, curses ). This is my first Message from my blog, and i hope you will continue whatch this site :> gonna post my Youtube videos here soon. And i hope I will be done with my latest... movie soonish!

I'm that guy with the dubble-chin... Nah to much Nostalgia Critic...
I'm Legenden Snoug, the swedish legend... sort of!

PS: You should really go watch AVGN, NC, Linkara. they fucking rule!

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