fredag 29 oktober 2010

Back AGAIN! :P

Hello there people who doesnt really read this ^^

Just read some old blogposts that I've made here.. and I've decided that this blog will now be the main blogg for me when it comes to game design etc etc. So alot is going to be changed, I hope :) This blogg will also be on my CV. So it's time to keep it up a notch!

So anyways... It's time to start on my game design for "Ninjas... Pirates!" that PSQ gave us ^^ Dear god, but I think i got a pritty good design up my sleve ;) ((epic english is epic)).

Good to be back :) and fun to finaly write again!

I'm the swedish legend.. sort of!

PS: Going to play some biljard with some of my old classmates today! It's going to beh funneh!

söndag 17 januari 2010

Game Idea Characters 2

Sup, just got a quick update of the first character :)

Game Idea Characters

Sup people, I guess there's not meny of you who follow me LOL! But I just started to write my game idea for the school im trying to apply to.

Here's a sketch of the first character :) If you find out who it's suppose to look like you get... 100000 points! :D