torsdag 14 maj 2009

Extreme Garage Makeover!!!

Wazzap dawgs and.... dawgs?

Just woke up, tired as hell. So basicly, i dont know what to say lol! I am in a great need of a coke... god damn. Yesterday i worked at Trä-Johan and it went really well! He is building a garage, or really giving the old garage a face-lift :P ( EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER! ^^ ) MOVE THAT BU... ok I'll stop now...

Had a great day yesterday, the time just flew by. Today I hope I'll do something fun with my m8s, and then later on tonight I'm going to raid, and to be really honest... I dont feel like raiding ( sorry windy ). But hey, I'm doing it anyways :) Maybe i should clean my room..? It looks like a exploded shithouse!

I'm that swedish legend... sort of!

PS: Hehe I just found a picture that I made for my RPG game ^^ It's so old school :D maybe I should fix it tbh... Anyways, here is the MAP i made in MS paint xD

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